How to use default WordPress mailer

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    WP Portal can use the default mailer service provided by WordPress to send emails and notifications. You will need to configure your WordPress to send emails using your email address by setting up the SMTP for your email account.

    1- Enable WordPress Mailer

    From your WordPress admin dashboard, go to WP Portal page and enable WP Mailer using the switch button. this will enable WP Portal to use WordPress Mailer service to send email notifications instead of SwifMailer (the default mailer for WP Portal).

    WordPress Portal Mailer

    2- Setup SMTP Plugin

    To configure your WordPress website to send emails on behalf of your email address, you need to install a plugin to setup the SMTP that is provided by your email provider.

    We prefer a plugin WP Mail SMTP by WPForms because it has many options and can be integrated with many SMTP email providers. After installing and activating the plugin go to the settings page to setup your preferred mailer and provide your email address as shown in the screenshot.

    WP SMTP Mailer

    Add your email address to the “From Email” field and the name that you want to use as sent from name to the field “From Name” and then select your preferred SMTP mailer that you want to use and put your credentials to authorize the plugin to use it.

    3- Send Test Email

    From WordPress Portal, login as admin and go to Settings > SMTP Settings and make sure that the application is using WordPress default mailer as you see in the screenshot here

    On your WordPress Portal dashboard, go to the Settings section and click on “SMTP Options”. Scroll down to the send test email widget as you see in the screenshot here

    Test SMTP

    Type the email address that you want to send the test email to and click “Send Test Email” and wait for the confirmation. If the SMTP server works, you should get a confirmation message like this:

    SMTP Confirmation

    Congratulations! you are all set and your WordPress Portal SMTP Server should be working as expected.