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WP Portal Dashboard

Stop switching between different applications to manage your projects. We have integrated all tools you need in one single fully brandable dashboard.

  • Project Management.
  • Client Management.
  • Financial Management.

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Paka M.
Paka M.
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Bought This On AppSumo And Love It! I've used the product going on a year now and have test a few others and this is still the one for me. I am hoping for some added features in the future to make this an even better product for me and my clients! ☺The interface is great and simple to navigate. It's very feature rich, but allows you to disable/hide what you don't use so as to not clutter the user experience. ☹Because this app runs on your own hosting service there were a number of growing pains to get it functioning properly. I even had to switch hosts as the one I started with did not provide enough resources and/or did not allow server side settings to get it to work. The support staff was pretty helpful and were prompt in getting back to me. The documentation is very sparse and could be better.
Verified Reviewer
Verified Reviewer
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Capterra.
An impressive app at first glance with a lot of potential Even if the Cons look like a lot. But in fact everything would be very quick and easy to fix. Despite the small problems, WordPress Portal is a very attractive and effective app. It's especially interesting because all data remains on our own server, that means we hold the data and can thus be protected in the best possible way. Also being able to use the whole thing without a monthly SaaS price and in an already existing WordPress environment is a huge plus that lets us overlook the cons. Everything can be customised with the own CI, the interface looks very clean and self-explanatory (unlike the standard WP interface). Everything unnecessary has been left out and it is super comfortable and fun to work with. If the glitches were finally fixed, I would recommend it to every friend (10/10), but currently only neutral (5/10). ☺It's nice to have everything in one place. Clients get to grips with the interface very quickly - usually without an introduction. The app makes project management easier and clients feel more professionally supported. ☹Unfortunately, there are some very annoying little bugs that still haven't been fixed even after contacting the Ahmed several times. Promises were made but even now after more than 6 weeks they still not been bugfixed/changed in App. Actually little things, but e.g. - Uploaded files (normal long names:23 char) are renamed with extremely long names (130 char) and looks unprofessional for customers when downloading. - The uploaded files are not sorted according to their upload date and are therefore difficult to keep track of. - Icons from files (LibreOffice/OpenOffice) are missing and were created and delivered by myself, but are made into the wrong plugin subfolder. - Milestones once created cannot be changed in their position. This means that when new intermediate steps are added, they are always listed at the bottom, which is difficult for clients to understand visually. - Email content is integrated in the code and thus cannot be translated via the translation tool Loco. - The interface is not entirely consistent (Message Board Menu is missing in other subpages and so Meassage Board <-> Overview or Message Board <-> Files, ... are always reached not by 1 but by at least 3 clicks). - The translation file that was filled and transmitted but has still not made it into the current plugin. - Problems with backup plugin (BackWPup) probably due to different Synfony framework versions. (I only got the answer that it's the other Plugin fault - Fullstop.
Ashley S.
Ashley S.
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Capterra.
Great client portal Great, easy to use and clients enjoy it. ☺I like this portal that is quick to deploy and easy to use for clients. ☹There was an issue with tracking that was hard to track down but in the end we were able to fix it.
Daniel S.
Daniel S.
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The all in one solution to anything web-based ☺I love how open it is to transform any blog or website into a extremely professional website. Makes it easier for the average user to pick up and go on task needed to be done. With it being open source and many people creating plugins for it daily make it one of the top platforms on the market. ☹I have yet to find anything negative with WordPress. If there was an issue it would be with a 3rd party plug-in not working with the latest release.
Erick G.
Erick G.
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Manage your projects simple, easy and fast. ☺Everything, it's all in one, you can track your project, your task, share files, create and send invoices and get paid. The configuration is a little bit extensive but it is easy if you know what you are reading. ☹If you don't have the right configuration, this plugging could make your website heavier and slower.
Sara D.
Sara D.
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Capterra.
WordPress è eccezionale per il blogging Uno strumento imprescindibile per l'attività di blogging. Prima usavo blogger, ma ho notato una netta differenza e WordPress lo trovo molto più professionale. ☺WordPress è eccezionale per chi vuole iniziare a fare blogging, poiché si può cominciare con la versione gratuita prima di acquistare la versione completa. Include bellissimi template, plug-in e molte altre funzionalità, inoltre è intuitivo e molto semplice da integrare nei siti. ☹Non ho notato molti svantaggi, forse in alcuni casi sarebbe gradito un livello di personalizzazione in più, ma tutto sommato è abbastanza vantaggioso.
Stefan L.
Stefan L.
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You want to host a blog, WordPress is your best choice Having hosted my own blog for years, WordPress has been the reliable workhorse. One has to be careful as some plugins can slow down/mess up ones system easily. Backup, backup, backup. Otherwise you can use WordPress to make it everything you want and need ☺-widely used -matured platform -a large amount of add-ons available -upgrades are easy -low resource requirements for self-hostin ☹-requires a good amount of technical knowledge to make it work as best as possible -addons can easily slow down the system - no guidance/prevention build in
Verified Reviewer
Verified Reviewer
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Capterra.
WordPress is a great tool to start your Blogging Career The WordPress tool solves the problem of content creation for my business, including all its user-friendly features. ☺WordPress is amazing for blog starters with their free version before purchasing for the full version. Other features you will enjoy include beautiful themes, plugins, with many other features. WordPress is also very easy to use and very smooth to integrate with my content writing business. ☹I think the tool can be improved with more simplistic and customizable features that do not require many technicalities. A difficult part of WordPress may be its integration for SEO, which may require some level of technical skills. When I got someone to fix it, it was no longer a problem integrating it.
Verified Reviewer
Verified Reviewer
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Capterra.
Great Product, Just Expensive WordPress Portal allowed for me to organize my events and projects in one program. I was also able to generate invoices to send to clients and the program is easy to use. Even though there is a one-time fee it can be quite expensive, when there are other programs out there that do some of the things that Word Portal Press does for free. However, if anything you are paying for the convenience of having all the programs in one. ☺I found that the product was really easy to use and was a nice way to keep everything organize for projects I was working on. I also liked that you could generate invoices in the product as well. ☹Although the product is great it can be a bit expensive and there are other products out there that offer similar features for free.
Frank Y.
Frank Y.
Trustindex verifies that the original source of the review is Capterra.
Excellent when it comes to easy of use I'm really enjoying this plugin I'm just gonna buy the premium version. ☺With WordPress portal everyone can start a new website or blog within about 1hour. You don't need any coding skills before you can use this. It was actually designed for everyone. ☹As a trial version I don't have anything to complain. WordPress portal really works fine

Create & Manage Projects

Setup your project and add all details for your team and client by giving a brief about the project, set the budget, start date, project duration, and select who should have access to the project from your team and client users.

WPPortal Create Project

Assign Tasks & Milestones

Keep your client and team about the project progress by adding and updating milestones for the project and assigning tasks to your team by setting a due date and priority. Use the Kanban board to track the progress of the assigned tasks.

WPPortal Project Overview

Track Time & Generate Timesheets

Use the time tracking tool to track your time and allow your team to track their time for each project and task. Then generate timesheets based on a specific period so you can pay your team and generate invoices to your client.

WPPortal Timesheet Details

Schedule Events & Meetings

Create project events using the project events calendar inside the project and share them with your team. You can also schedule and join ZOOM meetings without leaving the dashboard using our new Zoom Meetings extension.

WPPortal Project Calendar

Create & Share Wikis

Use the project wikis to create documents and notes for your project and share them with your team and client. Anyone who has access to the project can create and share documents with other users in same project.

WP Portal Wikis

Upload Files & Share Comments

Using your cloud or local storage, upload your project files in one place and share them with everyone who has access to the project. Add & share comments with your team and clients on every single file you upload.

WP Portal Project Files

Send & Reply to Messages

Stay in touch with your team and clients by using the message threads inside each project to keep everything organized. Send messages and reply to messages from your team and client. Set private threads where clients cannot access for internal discussion with your team members only.

WP Portal Messages

Prepare & Send Estimates

Get more projects & requests from your clients using the estimate form builder. Build forms around your different services and let your clients use these forms to get quotes and estimates from you about a service they want then convert the request to estimate and later as invoice.

WPPortal Estimate Form

Send Invoices & Get Paid

Create one-time and recurring invoices for your client and allow them to make payments online using their credit cards or PayPal account. Give your client the flexibility to make a full payment or partial payment of the invoice.

WP Portal Invoice

Dashboard Key Features

We have integrated tools that will save your time and money.
Get all of these tools for only $69 one-time fee.

WPPortal Setup

Setup your business account and apply your brand logo, color, fonts, and settings to make the dashboard a part of your business.

WPPortal Invite Team

Invite your team members to the portal, set the hourly rate for each one of them, and give them access to specific projects.

WPPortal Client Profile

Create client profiles and invite them by giving them access to their projects where they can collaborate with your team.

Send Messages

Use discussion threads to send and receive messages for each project between users who have access to the project.

WP Portal Time Tracker

Track your team working hours based on task and project selection, and build a detailed timesheet for your team.

Assign tasks to your team members and track their progress using the Kanban board available for each project.

WPPortal Events Calendar

Project events calendar to create and manage project events and share them with your team members.

WPPortal Zoom Meetings

Zoom integration to schedule and join online meetings with your clients and team members without leaving the dashboard.

WPPortal Cloud Storage

Local and cloud (Google) file storage to upload and share your project files with your team members and client.

WPPortal Accounting

Manage your business financials and accounting by tracking your expenses and income.

Team Management

5 different user access level roles [Admin – Project Manager – Contractor – Accountant – Client].

Performance Reports

Analyze your business performance and control your project cost with a robust reporting system.