What is Web Hosting?

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Web Hosting is an online service that works like a bridge between your website and the internet, by renting space on your service provider servers to publish your website on the internet and make it visible to your visitors.


In more detail, a web hosting service provider offers powerful computers where you can store your website files, including all its text, images, and assets. It is all happening in the background of your website; when a visitor clicks on a URL in your website, the hosting server brings all the data required for that page.


In fact, there are many web servers available to host your website at a wide range of prices. Therefore, you can consider owning your server to host your websites if you own an agency or run different websites. Although, if you are starting your first business and for now this is the only website you are using, searching for a web server to host your business would be more affordable for your business.



You may have seen a web hosting service offer a free domain included in the package, should you consider it as a good offer for your business to save the domain money? Absolutely not. Experts are always recommending small businesses to get their own domain. Owning your own domain giving you the ability to change your service provider at any time, without losing their domain.


Additionally, the domain you get from the web hosting provider usually would be a subdomain to your service provider ( example.webhostingname.com).




Depending on your website purpose, you have to define your needs from the web hosting server. Many factors would help you to choose the best service provider for your business; comparing plans and defining your needs might save you a lot of money every year.



Find a plan with storage that fills your business needs. An E-commerce website’s files are way too bigger than a blog when it comes to storage needed. If the plans you are looking at are offering limited storage, make sure that it meets your needs.


Since the service providers are charging depending on the storage you are asking for, be honest with yourself and make an estimate about the expected traffic you will receive during the upcoming months of your business.


Some web hosting companies provide unlimited storage for their clients. You may consider an unlimited storage package if you have a large business to avoid wasting money on features you do not need.



After spending money on your website, domain, and hosting, you would expect your website to be opened easily by your visitors. The Uptime factor measures how long your website takes to load. When you have better uptime, you have a better chance to appear in organic search results.


The Uptime factor is measured by a percentage, get it between 99% and 100% to guarantee a better load time for your website.



Choosing a trusted hosting provider must be your first priority while looking for your hosting server. By that time, your website will be holding clients’ information, and you have to avoid risking it.

A secured hosting server should contain an information redundancy system to guarantee the security of your business. Additionally, a data backup for keeping your data over time would support your security system.

Moreover, you can improve your website security on your own. The SSL Certificate gives you an encryption method to secure your website, and claim google trust and guarantee more organic traffic. Learn how to add the SSL Certificate free to your website 


Before processing the payment, check if the service offers a free trial to test the service by yourself at first. A seductive headline is easy to be written, does the service actually provide everything as mentioned in the agreement? Check it by yourself, and do not waste your time in the refund process.



Finding the best price for your business is a priority, especially if you are just starting off your business. Compare service providers and find the best deal for your needs; many web hosting companies offer an additional service to a plan and sell it for a higher price, choose the offer that meets your needs. Pick a plan that includes the features you need, do not waste money on features you will not use.


The agreement policies are really important to read to guarantee stability for your business. Some agreements have an overpriced renewal price, and you will be surprised about how much you got charged after the renewal.